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Groundhog Day Okay – this is getting tiring. Guess where we are? If you said Blowing Freeking (yes, I know I used that word yesterday, but it suits) Rocks, bing – you got it. We had hoped we’d be gone by now – not literally, just figuratively. But here we sit (float). We met with Jay, owner of Siebert Yacht Management, who did all the work on the boat today. He stopped… Read More

Oh crap… Where was I? Oh yeah – on Sequel! What I was too tired to tell you about last night was all about the runs to West Marine, the crazy ACE Hardware store, and Publix (where we were about $20 shy of $600), and about the torrential rains that happened while we were at West Marine and the crazy ACE Hardware for the second time – when Billy who crewed on… Read More

STUFFED Okay – so it’s all about the means to the ends, right? Actually, before talking about what happened for the past two days, I want to say Amy and I are working on this entry while sipping a glass of wine in the salon of Sequel! It’s pouring out – with lightning flashing around the boat – but, unlike our loft, it’s not raining inside! Right – so let’s back up… Read More

THE THIN GREEN LINE (Amy running the line. One of those glasses is mine – because it’s not a Map Party without…) When people think of the Intracoastal Waterway, aka the ICW or simply the “Ditch” – if they think about it at all – they probably picture a long, straight canal that runs from southern Florida all the way up the east coast to New England. I know that’s what I thought. But… Read More

SWAPPING VEHICLES (Amy says goodbye to Betty our jeep, in Portsmouth, RI) Today we dropped our jeep off at Pirate Cove Marina in Portsmouth, RI, Sequel’s new home. So now we’re committed – the only way we can get that sucker back is by taking the long route – specifically, by flying to Miami, driving to Jupiter, then boating 1,400 miles north. Well, we could also just ask friends to drive us back… Read More

SEQUEL  (The above picture is of a sistership to Sequel. As you’ll read below, we’ve only seen Sequel in person for a matter of hours…) Okay – so the stage has been set with the first post, ICW 1, but before I can even begin the story of our journey (which, as of this moment is still in front of us), I’d be doing the story an injustice if I didn’t first… Read More

Somehow, during the course of this spring, while I was developing the outline for Into the Devil’s Throat as well as working on getting an audiobook in the works for Out of Hell’s Kitchen, my wife Amy and I ended up purchasing a boat. And not just any boat – but the boat we’ve been in love with ever since the first of her kind rolled out of the yard in 2005 (no… Read More