Out of Hell’s Kitchen

Luke has a serious problem, he just doesn’t know it yet.

When Luke’s world literally burned to the ground six months earlier – when he lost his mother in a fire and a friend to an overdose – he didn’t think his life could get much worse. Of course, back then he didn’t know what he’d see in Hell’s Kitchen…

The moment he slid open the window to his bedroom and dropped into the alley behind his uncle’s building in Manhattan, the course of Luke’s life changed forever.

Six months earlier and 5,500 kilometers away, a new drug called Rave-N stole the life of a friend. Days later, his London home was consumed by a fire that also claimed his mother’s life. Then an uncle who he’d never known appeared at his mother’s funeral and offered Luke a home in New York City, in Hell’s Kitchen.

But things are not what they seem in Hell¡’s Kitchen. As Luke’s friends start to disappear in London, he begins overhearing bits of strange conversation from his uncle; conversations that spur Luke into an action that spirals his world into an ever-widening hell that will consume friends and enemies alike.

You don’t know what hell is – until you try to get out of it…

Out of Hells Kitchen - Poster, Dig 250

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