Out of Hell’s Kitchen – Reviews

Out of Hell’s Kitchen has received both the Editor’s Choice award and the Publisher’s Choice award from the publisher. And here’s what the reviewers have to say…


Mr. Hanzl does an excellent job of weaving several subplots around the main plot for a fast-paces, page-turning journey with characters who come to life almost immediately.

Kay Trout of MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW writes:

Genre: Fiction/Adventure Mystery Rating: Very Good Out of Hell’s Kitchen is a story about a new pop drug on the scene – Rave N. What is this drug, what does it do, and who are the people who make and distribute it? Rave N is the key in this fast-paced ,intrigue-oriented, action adventure for Luke Hawthorn as his friends begin to disappear.
John Hanzl’s writing style and story are similar in some ways to Robert Ludlum’s earlier novels – a definite plus. John has an exciting style which draws you in and keeps you turning the pages. In addition he has a rich vocabulary and is masterful at description and depth which add a distinct richness for his readers. There’s lots of action and intrigue here, and the conclusion may surprise you.
Yes, I can highly recommend Out of Hell’s Kitchen to readers who enjoy mystery, action, intrigue and a well-written novel.

KIRKUS Discoveries writes:

The Hunt for Red October meets Patriot Games meets Jacob’s Ladder… Hanzl’s debt to genre-thrillers is evident, but this debut novel offers an interesting twist on the formula.

Stephen Weir of Diver Magazine writes:

Whew! Fast paced isn’t a strong enough adjective.

Luke smashes uncontrollably through the plotline like a diver caught in a Cozumel rip current! The main character has all the tools of a Dirk Pitt in training. He is a trick motorcycle rider, an urban mountaineer, a computer whiz, and, when investigating an uncharted erupting Caribbean island during a Force Five hurricane, learns how to be a rebreather diver after a night of study.

“I formulated the rebreather sequence while diving in the shark tank”, Hanzl told Diver Magazine. “I am the Diving Safety Officer, which means I dive in the tank five times a day and feed the inhabitants, including the sharks (the largest which is over 2 meters long).”

Although much of the action takes place on land, the climax to the dive thriller takes place underwater…in the eye of an Ivan style blow.

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