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Life After the ICW Yes indeed, there is life after the ICW. As almost a full year has passed since our 25 day voyage, I can attest to that fact first-hand. And I’ve been itching to share them with whomever I can. But, rather than endlessly tacking on an infinite trail of entries into the ICW blog, I think this shall be the last official “ICW” post – as well as the first… Read More

A SEQUEL TO A SEQUEL Most of the posts of this blog series has been written from Sequel, but this one is written from the heart… It’s been an honest pleasure for me – and I know the same resonates true for Amy – sharing our experiences on Sequel with all of you. Even to my own ears that sounds somehow contrived, but it’s true. The trip has been an amazing experience… Read More

… Day 22 – Stonington, CT to Portsmouth, RI, 46 miles, 2.5 hours There’s one post left after this one, but for now, we’re home… Till I wrap it all up… <– Back to ICW 24  

…AKA THE BITTER END Day 21 – Stonington, CT to Stonington, CT in more slow wind-driven circles, 0 miles (super educated guess), all day After reading, and rereading, and loving with a true passion, the works of absolutely my favorite author, Patrick O’Brian, you can’t but help absorb something.Tons of somethings actually. He is simply brilliant, and his intellect shines through his words in a way that pains me for my own paltry writing. But… Read More

AS GENTLE AS A YOUNG ELEPHANT… One of my fondest childhood characters growing up is that of Babar the Elephant, created by Jean de Brunhoff. I loved that trouble-making elephant in a green suit, loved his world, and the characters that populated his world. And I still love elephants today, including Babar, Celeste, wrinkly old Cornelius, and Arthur. So how could I be worried about a hurricane named Arthur? Day 20 – Stonington,… Read More

WHEN THE FOURTH BECOMES THE THIRD My mind is in a fog… Day 19 – Sag Harbor, NY to Stonington, CT, 28 miles, 2 blind hours Though to be honest, my mind is usually in a fog, so why should today be any different? Regardless, we made the dash from Sag Harbor to coastal Connecticut in order to find a good refuge for potential future weather. We’re tucked in good at Dodson Boatyard, behind two… Read More

LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS A day of leisure… Day 18 – Sag Harbor, NY to Sag Harbor, NY, 0 miles (unless you count dinghy miles), 0 hours So – I opted to delay my post of Sag Harbor for a day because I wanted to relate my trials and tribulations with the mooring ball at Oyster Bay. But that’s behind us, we’re at a mooring in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons (fah… Read More

DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME Today was a long day. Which was surprising, as we just ran east along Long Island Sound. Simple – but not so. And yet, it was an awesome day! Day 17 – Oyster Bay, NY to Sag Harbor, NY, 76 miles. 4 hours 15 min Day 17. Let me just marvel on that for a moment. Wow. Amy and I have been on Sequel for twenty nights – living on this little… Read More

PLEASE HOLD… 1424… But first, the numbers (for two days): Day 15 – Cape May, NJ to Jersey City, NJ, 124 miles, 7.33 hours (including NYC touring time) Day 16 – Jersey City, NJ to Oyster Bay, NY, 34.7 miles. 2.5 hours (you’ll see why in a moment) Okay, 1424. Well, in the year 1424 King Wladislaus III of Poland was born. And, according to el Goog, Angel Number 1424 is a message from our angels that… Read More

BUT DON’T CALL HER SNOOKI Jersey Shore, there ain’t no denying it… First off, technically we are on Day 15 of the adventure. I tried to post last night, but per usual, we had no cell service and the WiFi was imaginary. So here I am, sitting on the settee in the helm deck, three miles out on the Atlantic – with, of course, full cell service. But more about today’s journey… Read More