ICW 23 – Weather On The Hour


One of my fondest childhood characters growing up is that of Babar the Elephant, created by Jean de Brunhoff. I loved that trouble-making elephant in a green suit, loved his world, and the characters that populated his world. And I still love elephants today, including Babar, Celeste, wrinkly old Cornelius, and Arthur. So how could I be worried about a hurricane named Arthur?

Day 20 – Stonington, CT to Stonington, CT in slow wind-driven circles, 4 miles (uneducated guess), all day

I woke up around 5:00am this morning and checked the marine and terrestrial forecasts for Stonington. It was saying wind speeds of 40 mph and torrential rains.

Humm. Could be interesting.

Then, later on, when Amy and I were watching Budapest Hotel in the saloon, both our phones started emitting a crazy tone and we both had this on our screens.

photo 1

Okay. And then when we looked at the Weather.com radar we saw this heading for us (with ‘us’ being the blue dot sorta in the middle)…

photo 2

Right. So today’s post is simple – we’re going to present you with a short montage of Weather On The Hour, By John and Amy Hanzl. Was Arthur all that he threatened to be, or was he gentle like a properly dressed French elephant? You be the judge…

Tomorrow is another day. Till then…


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7 Comments on “ICW 23 – Weather On The Hour

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  2. Oh, that Arthur. Go have a vacation…go chill a while (long while). What might be the expectation regarding hopeful landing time in “home” territory today, Captain? Maybe we will have a shout-out then from the Captain(s) !!!! Please don’t hesitate.


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  4. Always thankful for the morning news (re: Sequel) Besides that, the news is always interesting. Thanks, John and Amy! Great team, you are. J&Z M&D


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