ICW 26 – Wrapping It All Up


Most of the posts of this blog series has been written from Sequel, but this one is written from the heart… It’s been an honest pleasure for me – and I know the same resonates true for Amy – sharing our experiences on Sequel with all of you.

Even to my own ears that sounds somehow contrived, but it’s true. The trip has been an amazing experience for us, even beyond what we had hoped for. And though it feels nice to be home, we are also both sad to close the door on our now beloved Sequel – even if it’s only temporarily. We know there is plenty of life to live on her in the future – actually, to be honest, this post has been on the shelf for a few months as we were so busy logging many (many) more nautical miles on Sequel over the summer and into the fall. So like it or not, we already have many more stories to share!

But for the time being here’s where we were during the 25 day, 1,600 mile trip north from Jupiter, FL to Portsmouth, RI. I’ve added links to the blog from the various stopping points, you know – to help relive the experience. That I did just for me – I miss this damn trip!

1 Blowing Rocks Marina Jupiter, FL
4 Titusville Municipal Marina Titusville, FL
5 St Augustine Municipal Marina St Augustine, FL
6 Golden Isles Marina St Simons Island, GA
7 Windmill Harbour Marina Hilton Head Island, SC
9 Leland’s Marina McClellandville, SC
10 Carolina Beach Mooring Field Carolina Beach, NC
11 Sea Gate Marina Newport, NC
12 Alligator River Marina Columbia, NC
13 Dismal Swamp Visitor Center South Mills, NC
14 Norview Marina Deltaville, VA
15 City of Annapolis Mooring Field Annapolis, MD
17 Utsch’s Marina Cape May, NJ
18 Liberty Harbor Marina Jersey City, NJ
19 Oyster Bay Marine Center Oyster Bay, NY
20 Village of Sag Harbor Mooring Field Sag Harbor, NY
22 Dodson’s Boatyard Stonington, CT
25 Pirate Cove Marina Portsmouth, RI

Till some time in the future… Thank you!

Oh, and lest you think that “some time in the future” is, you know, far away – it’s not…

The future has already happened, so if you want to see what’s been going on, well, you don’t have long to wait. And to prove it, I leave you with this…



Soon we will move into a whole new world…

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