ICW 17 – The Holy Place


Down day. How nice!

Day 13 – Annapolis, MD to Annapolis, MD, 0.0 miles, 0 blissful hours

We’re sitting on the bow at our mooring, drinking a glass of wine and watching the dazzling array of watercraft motor, steam, paddle, sail, everything – pass. Again. It’s fantastic. Amy’s reading up on the next leg of the trip (and the one beyond that), and obviously I’m working on the blog. The weather is looking good for the next two days, but then, just as we expect to come out of the Delaware Bay into the Atlantic for the run outside along the Jersey coast, seas are looking to be three to five feet. We’ll have to play it by ear (inner ear?) when we get closer to that point.


But for now, it’s just relaxing. We got up, made coffee and toured the harbor in the dink before running it to city dock in Annapolis where we took a taxi out to Whole Foods for some much needed provisioning. It was amazing to see seven and eight year olds running large center consoles and sailboats through the incredibly busy harbor, with six and seven year old crew – all professional and serious – and probably more competent than us. After we returned from our provisioning expedition I worked down in the engine room (aka Holy Place – we’ll address that in a few) while Amy did some course plotting and planning. Then we showered, put on our shore going rigs, and took the water taxi back into town for some meandering and sampling the of the local brew and crab dip. Oh – and apparently prestocking the boat with two cases of wine wasn’t enough for us so we stopped at Mills Fine Wines and Spirits and picked up a case of wine and two four-packs on Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA for the water taxi ride back to Sequel. The taxi captain appreciated our taste in both boats and wine. Compliment accepted.

But before I forget – a quick story from yesterday. During our run up to Annapolis it really did get pretty rough. The boat was pitching and rolling all over the place. It was kind of fun and kind of nerve wracking because it was OUR boat. I thought of a story my folks told us when we were in Hilton Head. Years ago they had traveled to England with another couple – the Smiths (literally the Smiths) – where they ran a 62 foot narrow boat in the canals there (like father like son I guess!). Well, my folks love to dance – again, father / son thing – and so when they went to visit the Smiths before the trip at their old (and narrow) home in Maine, my parents suggested they practice dancing in a particularly narrow and long hallway, to ensure they could do it on the canal boat. That is so my parents. So while we were underway yesterday, with no land in sight and our Sequel bucking like a bronco, I cajoled Amy into an impromptu dance party on the helm deck. Thanks Jean and Zeke – it was fun, and it took our minds off the conditions for a while!

Okay – so tonight I present you with a tour of our Holy Place, a picture of Amy drinking a bottle of Raging Bitch IPA (no comment), and the general sights and sounds of the evening. I hope you enjoy!

Blog 17 - 1

Till Jersey…


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7 Comments on “ICW 17 – The Holy Place

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  2. John, nice clean engine room. Looks like you two are doing great. After running the boat now for these many days. Where are you going to draw the line when it comes to sea state, as in go no go?


    • Thanks Steve! I finally have a bit of time – and the cell reception – to reply to comments. And I liked you comment so much, I think I’ll do a post on it, as we are heading into a period of questionable weather it’s pretty topical so stand by! And we love getting comments and knowing that people are experiencing the trip with us.



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