ICW 7 – Staying, well, forever?

Groundhog Day

Okay – this is getting tiring. Guess where we are? If you said Blowing Freeking (yes, I know I used that word yesterday, but it suits) Rocks, bing – you got it. We had hoped we’d be gone by now – not literally, just figuratively. But here we sit (float). We met with Jay, owner of Siebert Yacht Management, who did all the work on the boat today. He stopped by to tie up some loose ends. One of those loose ends, and by far the most troubling one, is that our super fancy, mega awesome chartplotter / depth sounder system keeps shutting down (Amy just said, “not so awesome!”). It’s not the best feeling to lose both your chartplotter and your depth sounder while underway, (see yesterday’s post if in doubt…). Trust me – the exact same thing happened when we took delivery of our last boat, as we were heading into Boston Harbor. Unfortunately, that loose end still needs to be tied. Plotter still craps out. Crap.


(Jay Siebert with Amy discussing the finer points of the “lean in”)

Still, we had a good day – we had a chance to meet Jay in person. We also cleaned all the water intake strainers – two monsters for the engines, one the genny and one for the four AC systems after yesterday’s adventure. We also replaced the fender lines with new ones, because we could. And Peter stopped by and I got some more good knowledge about all sorts of boat stuff before he had to run – kinda like kicking the chicks out of the nest, but in reverse.


(Peter – I just realized we were so involved with what we were doing that I never took any pictures. Sorry friend. So I pulled this image off DiMillo’s website…)

So now it’s just Amy and I. We returned the rental, so we’re down to a single mode of transportation to get us back to New England. Sequel. It’s raining (again) and a big front just moved through. Amy’s prepping dinner in the galley and I’m up on the helm deck at the settee writing this blog. I could think of worse places to be…


Tomorrow we leave – come hell or high water Actually, high water would be kind of nice. We’re at low tide right now and if the depth sounder hadn’t crashed, the depth under the boat would be reading a whopping seven inches. And of course the next low tide is 6:47AM, right before we’re planning on leaving. So if you don’t hear from us tomorrow you’ll know why…

Till then (okay, if you want to se what happens you can click here)…


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