ICW 6 – Staying Grounded

Oh crap…

Where was I? Oh yeah – on Sequel! What I was too tired to tell you about last night was all about the runs to West Marine, the crazy ACE Hardware store, and Publix (where we were about $20 shy of $600), and about the torrential rains that happened while we were at West Marine and the crazy ACE Hardware for the second time – when Billy who crewed on the sport fisherman opposite us was kind enough to drag the 150lbs of boxes we had left in the cockpit (because it NEVER rains in southern Florida, right?) up into the helm deck.

Day 1 - 3

(Exhibit A – 150lbs of boxes we stupidly left in the cockpit)

Oh – and speaking of those boxes, a special shout out to Chloe of Down East Yachting, where we shipped those boxes, plus three more PLUS two cases of wine. She was both super nice and helpful, but also a foodie with great knowledge of the area’s restaurants (though we were so tired we ended up eating on the boat, we now have eaten twice at Rinaldi’s Deli)

Here’s us last night, watching more weather come through…

So why the name of this post? Well – today’s Friday the 13th. And we were thinking of leaving this afternoon, but here we are still at Blowing Rocks. It’s FRIDAY the 13TH!!! What were we thinking?

But to back up – this morning, during our third trip to West Marine (and yes, the crazy ACE Hardware as well), we met up with our broker, Peter, who had flown down from Portland, ME to go over the boat with us. And so we did, stem to stern, helm to holy space and everything in between. Then it was time to take her out for the first time! We pulled out of her slip, me at the helm, Peter and Amy tending lines, the usual dock walkers watching our departure, and…

Not 30 feet out of the slip we ran hard aground. Seriously. Stuck. Fast. NOW do you understand the title of this post? Apparently, and only known to local knowledge as there are zero markers, there is no water out of the marina. You have to edge around the pilings and slink along the bow pulpits and anchors of the docked fishing boats in order to sneak out and find the water of the ICW.

Did I say we left our slip, went THRITY FEET and then ran aground? In front of everyone? Oh well – how were we to know? And to be honest, folks were great and really helpful. And we learned how to use our new dinghy and lift. Thanks to (Chris?) with his skiff, and to whats-his-name (never got it) who runs a dive boat (yes – a dive boat, complete with customers, sidled past us while we were stuck fast) – thanks to them for hauling us off, and for Peter for his calming presence (and for breaking the boat hook we had purchased a few short hours earlier – guess where we went to tonight? Yep West Freekin Marine.)

Regardless, we got her off, there was no damage to the boat – only to our pride – and we went out for a fun cruise and we got to know Sequel that much better (and by the way – we’ve received many compliments on her, even when her ass is being hauled off the bottom…)

So we can only guess at what tomorrow holds! We’re hoping to get away, but there’s still a few issues we’re dealing with…

Till then… (Want to know what happens? It’s right here! )


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5 Comments on “ICW 6 – Staying Grounded

  1. Hey John – love your posts!! Some of my most embarrassing times delivering sailboats out of FL to the Bahamas were the misguided maps with wrong depth indicators. All one can do is be sure to have good music, good friends and plenty off ice for those fine cocktails while you wait for the tide to rise!! Enjoy!


  2. Great post. Glad I am trusting our daughter and son in law to your capable hands


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